he Instituto Universitario de Arquitectura y Ciencias de la Construcción [Institute of Architecture and Building Science] is a centre which enjoys the highest level of humanistic, scientific, technical and artistic creativity in research and teaching. The institute’s main objectives are the planning, promotion, carrying out and dissemination of technological research, development and innovation in the fields of humanities, science, technology, and artistic creation in relation with Architecture, Town Planning and Territorial Planning, Environment and Building Science. This institute is also in charge of the teaching of postgraduate and doctorate studies as well as training highly qualified specialised staff.

With these objectives and following current legislation the institute undertakes to achieve the following:

a) The promotion, planning and establishment of objectives for interdisciplinary research and development linked to the application of new concepts and technologies in Architecture, Town Planning, Territorial Planning, Environment and Building Science.

b) The execution of research, development and demonstration activities, both independently and in collaboration with public or private bodies.

c) A rigorous and objective dissemination and divulgement of information and studies, through the publication of reports, articles, etc, either independently or in conjunction with publishing companies, magazines and other media, as well as through contributions and presentations at national and international conferences, seminars, congresses and meetings.

d) The transfer and exchange of information and results of its work with other public or private bodies.

e) The execution of specific tasks, compatible with the Institute’s activities and lines of research.

f) The provision of advice to private companies and public administration in the Institute’s fields of specialisation.

g) The organization, coordination and teaching of postgraduate and doctorate programmes, as well as the encouragement of doctorate theses in the lines of its research activities.

h) The organization, coordination and teaching of courses for perfection and specialisation, as well as seminars, conferences and similar activities, following the lines of its research.

i) The contribution through its means to the teaching of disciplines directly linked with its objectives in humanities, science, technology and artistic creation at the University of Seville or other national or foreign centres.

j) The participation in European and international research, teaching and mobility programmes.

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